Principal’s Words

Gurukul has well disciplined, serene and homely environment for teaching learning activities. Special emphasis is given on close interaction between teachers and students for exploration of their dormant potentialities. The classes are run in its own spacious building with a resourceful library, science labs and computer labs. The class of +2 Science, A Level (Science, Non-Science) are run in the day shift while +2 management is run in the morning. We believe Gurukul can be the best destination for the young learners. We welcome all the well wishers and prospective students to our premises. We expect your sincere co-operation as in the previous years. Thanks.
Nabin Bhandari

Gurukul – Topper’s Choice

Well ! At first, I was wondering which college to join because I was a newcomer in Chitwan. But the moment I set my foot in Gurukul, I instantly declared it'd be my first choice for higher education. I think I made a good decision then.
Ranjana Chaudhary
SLC, 89.25% (Studying XI Science)

Gurukul – Topper’s Choice

During two years, I had a great time at Gurukul. It's really marvellous. We were encouraged to participate different ECA along with education, which I liked the most. I will really miss Gurukul and my reverend gurus.
Sabin Ghale
XI-Science, 86.25%

Voice of Students


I am really feeling glad to express my view towards Gurukul college where I have spent my life defining two years. I am thankful to all the faculty members as well as whole staff who have supported us during our studies. Cooperative, helpful & friendly teachers have provided us with the opportunity to learn. I am really happy with my decision to join Gurukul college after my SLC.  I think it was my best decision in my life. Environment over here is lovely, caring & all inspiring. I would like to suggest all the SEE graduates to join Gurukul  College for their bright future.

Hardik Poudel, Class XII, Science


I was convinced that I had to proceed my life being expert in management field. So I chose management stream in Gurukul , teachers are self-motivated, encouraging and friendly. Case study analysis, group discussion, group and individual projects, presentation related to real life problem after the field visit are the extra features that I found in Gurukul. At last, I recommend as the best choice for all the students who appeared in SEE examination.

Bijaya Rasaili, Class XI, Managament 


I’m truly happy to be a student of Gurukul. Qualified teaching faculty, co-operative administration, serene environment and maintenance of discipline at Gurukul are beyond comparison. One who chooses Gurukul certainly chooses a bright future and career.

Sijina Ghale, Class XI, Science


At first I was not familiar with the college but when I got soaked in its environment, I really feel that I have chosen the best college for my study. Actually Gurukul  wants and helps a lot to those aspirants who have passion & vision towards study. So, if you are passionate student & seeking the best college, you should not miss Gurukul. It will provide you proper guidance. Believe me & come and see once with your own eyes to take the real flavor of my idol Gurukul . Thanks!

Niraj Bhatta, Class XI,  Science 


I am pleased to state that Gurukul is one of the most reputed and trusted organizations in Chitwan for its sufficient infrastructure, well experienced teaching faculties, serene environment and quality education.

Dikshya Shrestha, Class XI, Science


After SEE, I enrolled myself in Gurukul college, where I was truly impressed and motivated by well experienced teachers, friendly administrators and peaceful environment. Gurukul  is one of the best institutions of Chitwan which is proved by outstanding results. I feel glad to be a student of Gurukul .

Hemanta Bogati, Class XI, Science


Studying at Gurukul  college is one of the glories in my life. I’m learning a way of living along with acquiring the respective knowledge in my sector. Gurukul  is assisting me to explore my potentials. I am truly proud of being student  of this college and would like to welcome the students once to experience the educational flavor at Gurukul which would definitely satisfy you as we have been.

Shrawan Lakhotiya, Class XI, Science

Latest News Updates


Gurukul College extends heart felt congratulation and felicitation to all graduates who appeared SEE this year. Naturally, students might be worried from where they could continue their further education after SEE. Many institutes may claim to be better than others but what students need to analyse while making a selection of college are physical infrastructure,experienced faculty in different subjects, teaching methodology and peaceful academic environment.As Gurukul College offers all aforesaid facilities,the students will find it a prime destination for further studies. For your general information, Gurukul College +2 Science and Management under NEB Nepal. NOTE: The scholarship test topper students who have been granted scholarship in different headings are kindly informed to contact the college authority and begin the process of admission. THANK YOU

Voice of Guardians

Being a guardian I can say proudly that Gurukul college may be the best choice and destination for those who are roaming in search of quality education, well managed college and peaceful environment. Students of this institution have been found laborious, obedient, punctual and disciplined. They are strongly motivated for promoting positive actions and thinking by the well trained, skilled and experienced tutors. The college environment is naturally peaceful and supportive for the exploration of potentiality of the students. I found the administrative body so active during off hour too. The whole team of management and administration are worried about fulfilling the wishes of guardians. Sot they follow the students’ attitude and behavior by communicating with parents through phone calls messages and home visits. Although the success depends upon triangular structure among college, parents and students but Gurukul may be the best rider of parents’ wishes and students’ future. Wishing successful session onwards, I request the parents/guardians to visit Gurukul once before taking admission of your child. Thanks.

Khehab Raj Gautam, Gaindakot-13, Beldiha


Gurukul, one of the holy temples of education, has became the safe landing place specially for the Science students after SEE who want to seek the correct guidelines of their life. Being a conscious guardian of a student. I want to request those parents, who want to make their children competent, extra ordinary and career oriented, better to choose Gurukul.

Deepak Neupane, Bharatpur-9, Chitwan


Gurukul, I believe, is one of the most trusted organizations in Chitwan and its periphery. Its academic result has manifested its name and fame within a short time. I am proud to have sent my son over here for his +2 in Science.

Shiva Prasad Adhikari, Bharatpur-6, Devnagar


For me, three phrases can explain the whole of Gurukul: psychological treatment to the student, peaceful environment, and highly qualified and dedicated teacher.

Bhanu Bhakta Aryal,Principal, Janapriya Public School, Shardanagar


गुरुकुल चितवन जिल्लाकै एउटा उत्कृष्ट शैक्षिक मन्दिरको रूपमा परिचित पाएको छु। म एउटा अभिभावकको तर्फबाट भन्नु पर्दा यहाँको पठनपाठनको प्रकृया र विद्यार्थीको अनुशासनप्रति गरिने बिशेष ख्याल राम्रो रहेको छ। साथै, रमणीय र शान्त बातावरणमा विद्यार्थीहरुले सम्पूर्ण भौतिक सुबिधाहरुसहित पठनपाठनको अत्यन्तै राम्रो बातावरण पाएकाले बाबुनानीहरुको भबिश्य उज्ज्वल हुनेमा विश्वस्त छु।

खिम माया तरामु मगर, कावासोती

Admision Open

Message From Academicians

It’s my pleasure to express some views about a renowned college like GURUKUL. As an observer, I found GURUKUL a perfect place for Science & Management education. What I liked most is its peaceful, disciplined environment and best result every year.

Bal Hari Devkota, Principal, Ekata Shishu Niketan, Ratnagar


I know GURUKUL since its establishment in 2053. As a former guardian, I have very close relationship to this college. I find it a very satisfying  place for teaching learning environment. The college administration and promoters leave no space for any corrective comments.

Lok Bahadur Gharti, Headmaster, Amar Sec. School, Patihani


I feel happy to write something about a popular college like GURUKUL. I have observed and experienced that GURUKUL not only imparts quality education but also motivates students to be innovative and creative. Its focus on overall development of students’ personality is what I feel lacking in many colleges of the same nature.

Kirti Nidhi Aryal, Principal, Milan Eng. Secondary School, Milan Chowk


GURUKUL has been a very good place for higher education because of its strong administration, highly qualified teaching staff and the devotion of its promoters. The best thing that impresses me about GURUKUL is its homely environment, and sincerity of the staff.

Indira karki, Principal, Greenland Eng. Public School, Bharatpur


GURUKUL has contributed a lot in the educational field of Chitwan. I know GURUKUL, as one of the best colleges for Science and Management education. One of its ornaments is A-level courses that it offers to the students. I expect it will contribute a lot for higher education in the days to me.

Nabaraj Bhatta, Principal, Motherland Eng. Boarding School, Sukranagar


GURUKUL is now a popular name in the field of higher secondary education in Chitwan and neighboring districts. I feel pleasure when my students, who joined GURUKUL, come to me and express their happiness for choosing GURUKUL. Gurukul deserves thanks for imparting quality education to the future pillars of the nation.

Ishwor Bahadur Adhikari, Principal, Bright star Eng. Boarding School, Patihani